The partners in WoTIM:


VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland VTT is a globally networked multitechnological applied research organization. VTT has two main roles in the project, which are be the coordinator of the consortium and be the principle cellulosic insulation material developer based on foam technology. During the last few years VTT has invested on unique foam forming infrastructure and generated over 20 patents and invention disclosures and 10+ publications related to foam forming and foam formed materials from natural fibres. In WoTIM VTT is responsible for the structural design and laboratory-scale production of foam formed insulation panels (WP3). VTT is the initiator and main developer of a high risk investigation on cellulose based spray-on insulation materials (WP4).


Innventia, Sweden Innventia is a major research institute that works with innovations based on forest raw materials. Innventia has two main roles in the project. It will bring its deep expertise in mechanical and chemical processing of wood fibres and nanofibrillated celluloses to the consortium and will lead the selection, processing and characterizing of the (ligno)cellulosic raw materials (WP2) in close co-operation with company partner Holmen AB and research organisation partner FCBA. Innventia has an excellent record of disseminating research results from international projects and will also thus lead the WP7.  


FCBA (French Institute of Technology for forest based and furniture sectors), France FCBA, an expert in integration of sustainable development, will lead the ecologic, economic and health evaluations of the developed materials (WP6). Due to its excellent testing facilities, it will participate to the evaluation of the performance of new insulation materials in buildings. FCBA has a strong background in mechanical pulping and nanocellulose production and offers its expertise and equipment into use especially concerning hardwood based raw materials and thus co-operates with Innventia and Holmen in WP2. In addition FCBA has a supporting role in the development of spray on insulation material in a complementary way with VTT and Soprema and in the dissemination activities.  


Holmen AB, Sweden Holmen AB is a forest industry group that manufactures printing paper, paperboard and sawn timber and runs forestry and energy production operations. Holmen will work closely with Innventia in WP2 and will offer its fibre materials into project use together with their fibre processing expertise and will develop the fibre materials towards the needs defined in the project. Holmen also will carry out the market survey related to foamed cellulosic products and has supporting role in economic evaluations.


Soprema SAS, France Soprema SAS is a family industrial group, which operates in building envelope business. The R & D St Julien du Sault and Strasbourg centers, will be involved in the project. Soprema has comprehensive testing facilities and excellent competence related to insulation material testing and therefore they will lead the material performance evaluations (WP5). Soprema will define the specifications and economic cost of this thermal insulation. Also Soprema knows the insulation markets and the health and environment regulations and bring this information to the project. It will bring also an expertise in mechanical, chemical processing and characterisation the foams made. Soprema will lead a feasibility study related to pilot plant and industrial production of new insulation materials.