Project Structure

The work in the project is divided into seven work packages. WP1 is for project management and WP7 for disseminating and exploiting project results. In WP 2 the (ligno)cellulosic raw materials are selected, processed in laboratory or pilot scale and characterised. WP2 delivers the raw materials to both WP3 and WP4.


In WP3 panel-like insulation materials are produced in laboratory scale by foam forming technique. The effect of the raw materials and material layering on the technical performance of the insulation panels is investigated. Ideas of how to upscale the process are generated.  

In WP4 the development work of a new type of cellulosic spray on insulation material is started. The work includes the study on the needed pretreatments of the raw materials delivered by WP2 and laboratory scale reaction studies (dehydration, cross-linking, etc.) are made. The possibilities to produce the spray-on foam are explored as well. 

The technical performance of the new insulation materials is tested in WP5 by both laboratory measurements and numerical modelling to evaluate their applicability and performance in building envelopes. WP6 concentrates on ecological, economic and health evaluation of the new insulation materials. These aspects are taken into account in the selection of raw materials and additives as well as in the development of production concepts.