WP 3 Development of foam formed thermal insulation materials

Leader: VTT
Participants: Soprema

The objectives of WP3 are

  • to evaluate the effects of different (ligno)cellulosic raw materials on thermal insulation and mechanical properties of foam formed insulation panels
  • to design a foam formed panel structure that maximises thermal properties with appropriate mechanical properties
  • to compare different production concepts of foam formed insulation panels
  • to explore the possibilities for process scale-up

In this project foam forming technology adapted from other industries will be used for manufacturing high performance 100% cellulosic thermal insulation panels. Foam forming is a wet forming technique allowing the cellulose fibres to form hydrogen bonds. The technology enables a wide raw material base from coarse centimetre-sized particles to nano materials and offers suitable porous material structure for insulation purposes. The technology allows the development of products that can consist of different layers integrated into one product.

The product may, for example have air barrier properties with suitable vapour tightness of the internal and external layers. Also the thermal conductivity and structural strength properties can be adjusted suitable for the application. The integrated properties of the product can improve the performance of the building envelope and it can make the installation easier with fewer working phases. This improves the workmanship of the final application and enables lower installation costs.